cemtery register for POPEs in Cumberland County, North Carolina cemeteries:

Importance of Cemetery Records

Most of us know that cemetery records are important, but why so?

Many times the only record you may find of someone is from a tombstone.

If a child is born between census years nd dies young before th next census, the only record that may ever be located of them is in a cemtery from a listing of burial records, to an existing tombstone.

When our ancestors placed markers on the graves of their loved ones, they intended for these to be eternal monuments to the lifes that they had lived.  In many cases, time has showed us otherwise.

Families move away, or forget, or never know that a Grandfather or Grandmother, Aunt, Uncle, Cousin, Borther of Sister is buried someone.  The graves become to be neglected, and uncared for, unless there is a cemetery association, or some family member who does remember.

Time takes its toll on these ancient monument, sentinels of those gone before us.  Inclement weather can cause stones to sink into the ground, and engraved lettering to vanish.

In some areas, vandalism runs rampant, and tombstones are destroyed to satisfy someone's need to destroy things for fun.

It is our job to care for these cemeteries, and project the hallowed ground where our families were layed for their final rest.  We must, as historians, lovers of history, and preservers of our heritage make it our duty to try and save these places of importance, and preserve the information before it is too late to do so.

I, personally, request that anyone who can copy your local cemetery, or cemeteries, and help to save this information, because, before long it may be too late.

Anyone have cemeteries records for POPE, please submit the data for the website, so that it will be available to all.

Also, if anyone finds any unique POPE tombstones, take a picture, and send it to me, I will scan it, and put it on the site.


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